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11 November 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Images from:
+ boys_paper
+ aya_takarai
+ je_for8ver
+ Vendy's Blog

Textures & brushes:
+ alexandral
+ antagia
+ colorfilter
+ sparkling_eye
+ ianthinae
+ ohfreckle
+ lynzieicons
+ asya_17
+ oum_boojae
+ erniemay
+ kotaru1221 @ deviantART
+ rhcp-csi @ deviantART
+ choleil @ deviantART
+ schokotorte @ deviantART
+ sanami276 @ deviantART
+ spookyzangel @ deviantART
+ Shivika.net


* Because I'm an airhead, sometimes I save texture but forget to add the name of the LJ user who made them in the filename. So if you think that I miss crediting you in the list above, please notice me.
02 November 2010 @ 07:38 pm
Kinda a spam post, but...

I received Fighting man CDs this afternoon, hooray \(^.^)/
And today is still not the officially release date XDDDD
EMS worked so fast this time :D

These are mine, akitama's and wanhway's.
16 October 2010 @ 11:00 pm

Thanks to amilasuriga for the birthday banner.

BTW, that's my actual birthday cake ^^. Does it look yummy? XDDD
And that "pig" is one of my birthday presents, it's from amilasuriga, it's cute isn't it?

I had a small party with amilasuriga and blue_fire0013, it was so much fun. We ate seafood hot pot, the soup is miso taste, yum yum :P

I want to thank pinklunacy, yamapi85, two_ne1 and akitama for writing me birthday greetings ♥
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02 September 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Hi my f-list :)

This LJ hasn't been updated lately, nee~ ^^'

Btw, my f-list, is there anyone of you who has interest in perfume?
I'm intending to buy a new perfume bottle, because my Poeme bottle - which I was given by a friend of my dad - is nearly used up.

I want to try a cherry blossom perfume, but I'm wavering between a few ones.
Would anyone care to give me some advice? :D

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Hôm nay mình đi gửi đĩa Sakura Girl cho 1 bạn.
Lúc mình bước vào bưu điện là 9:12AM, lúc mình bước ra đã là 9:51AM.
Gửi 1 cái bưu phẩm tốn gần 40p & chứng kiến được kha khá chuyện hài.

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Tập 2Collapse )

Tập 3Collapse )

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One of my 2 HDDs died TT___TT
A lot of data are lost, but those that I grieve the most are:
- My whole collection of anime & J-music (except NEWS, Tegomass, SID and L'arc) :((((((((((((((
- Manga scanlation, artbook scan :((((
- Stocks for PS (textures, tutorials, brushes, fonts, etc) => I was just intended to make new layout, now it seems that I can't :((((((

There're things that I downloaded when I was still a middle-schooler, which means those stuffs that from 8-9 years ago. God, I will never be able to find all of those data back.

I was thinking about buying a new HDD just a few days before. So, if only it hadn't died this soon, I could have been saved the data to the new one. Why oh why!!! TT____TT


On the other hand,


My house had a power cut from morning to late afternoon, while our area wasn't listed in today's schedule of power cut.
It was already crazily hot, 36~38°C. But the more annoying thing is that when I tried to call the company to ask if there was a sudden problem or something, and when we would have electricity back, I couldn't get through all of their 4 phonelines.
- 2 of them were always ALWAYS busy, no matter when you called, no matter how many mins you waited until you tried calling again; and these 2 are the hotline ones.
- with the other 2 lines, no one picked up the phone, while it was 9:00~10:00 in the morning of Monday.
If you have phonelines for customers to contact, make sure they work or have some staffs to answer the phone.
Heck, it seems they mostly good at making sure us customers always pay the bills on time.
31 March 2010 @ 09:19 am
Found cute things on JP auction sites again.
Why are there always so many cute things on them? >___<

Isn't this one so kawaii? ♥

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19 March 2010 @ 12:34 am
I was wandering around the net looking for any records of Tegoshi's old radio show "What a Wonderful Music!" that I may still miss, and stumbled upon this.

Was totally surprised when learning that there's a bunch of songs I never knew Tegoshi had sung in his radio shows.

They are:
+ Kaede [ 楓 ] - Spitz
+ Last Christmas
+ Itsuka no Merry Christmas - B'z
+ Hoshi ni Negai wo [ 星に願いを ] - Kawabe Chieko (I guess it must be this one, because flumpool's "Hoshi ni Negai wo" was released in 2009, while the radio show stopped in 2006), this is the one that made me go "OMG!!! Did he sing it for real?!?!" because I totally love this song *___*
+ Only Human - K, this one is LUV too ♥

God, is there anyone who has records of Tego singing these songs? TT____TT
Because the site only lists the files, but there's no download link DX
05 March 2010 @ 10:12 pm

Found on Y! Auction JP
Aren't they so cute? >_____<
I want them but I'm out of money at the moment, have just paid for NEWS calendar XDDD

It's so sad that Lawson does not want to renew their contract with NEWS, which means there won't be anymore of cute promotion stuffs like these T___T

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04 March 2010 @ 02:06 pm
キミがいるから (Because you are here)
Theme song of Dareka ga Watashi ni Kisu wo Shita
Singer: Kylee


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